Primo Time – an integrated Pay & Bill, PAYE & Financials platform

A sleek Pay & Bill solution for contract recruitment agencies, powered by an integral and comprehensive PAYE and Financial ledgers designed to run your entire middle and back office.

Banking Integration

Tracking receipts from clients, making payments to Umbrella companies, PSCs and PAYE candidates – all happen within the Primo Time interface. Your back office team doesn’t have to access the banking platform. Receipts are downloaded, matched and posted automatically. Payment are initiated directly from Primo Time protected by an authorisation process. Read more

PAYE & Auto Enrolment Embedded

Primo Time embeds the popular Primo Payroll PAYE platform within its interface. Timesheets for PAYE candidates are picked up and PAYE calculations are completed automatically. No data export is needed to third-party payroll systems and Auto Enrolment tasks get completed in the background. Read more

Accounting & Management Reporting

The embedded Primo Books system offers a seamless interface for financial ledgers. In addition, Primo Time has direct API interface with Xero accounting software and posts all financial entries seamlessly. You can also export data to various other accounting systems. Read more

Multiple Agency Interface

Primo Time offers a sleek multiple-agency interface, an great solution to back office service providers and agencies with multiple entities to manage. Users can be set up with specific permissions for each company. And the unique global dashboard lets you monitor the status of each company on a daily basis. Read more

Manage your Umbrella Payroll Provider direct from Primo Time

If your Umbrella Payroll provider uses Primo Umbrella software, just click a button and the software will submit timesheets and candidates’ data directly to your Umbrella supplier’s system. You can also access the Umbrella company’s portal directly from Primo Time to view your candidates’ payroll and payment status. Read more

Pay your candidates using your own Self-Servicing Umbrella Platform

Thought about setting up your own Umbrella only to be put off by the daunting payroll tasks? The Self-Servicing Umbrella plug-in automates the entire process from Invoicing through Payroll processing, contractor payment, RTI, Auto Enrolment for your Umbrella business. VAT Return and accounting entries made automatically too. You only have to authorise the payments for your business. Read more

Primo Time Pay & Bill Core

Primo Time Core framework features all the essential functionalities required to process the timesheets, bill the clients and pay the Candidates through Umbrella companies and Personal Service Companies.

Typical Weekly Timeline & Workflow

Friday/Monday Monday/Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Receive Timesheets Chase & Process Review Timesheets Pay & Bill Finalise the Week
Primo Time:

Sends Emails/SMS  to candidates requesting timely submission of timesheets

  • Submits timesheets via online portal
  • Sends timesheet by email or post
Agency User:
  • Record the timesheets received by email/post
  • Review the dashboard and initiate Candidate Reminders
Primo Time:

Sends reminder emails/SMS sent with a link


Responds to the chaser message by clicking the link received on mobile or computer. No portal login required.

  • Submits hours and/or uploads client sheet timesheet
  • Specifies a reason for absence
Primo Time:
  • Runs data integrity tests and timesheet validation rules
  • Raises exceptions where found
Agency User:

Review exceptions make corrections as relevant. Approve or reject.


Reviews timesheets, approves or rejects. No portal login required.


Reviews rejected timesheets, resolves & resubmits or cancels the timesheet.

Agency User:

Review the reconciliation statement/reports and make corrections where required. When finalised, Progress Pay & Bill.

Primo Time:
  • Generates Client bills and emails to clients & factoring companies
  • Generates and delivers Self-bills for Umbrella & PSC suppliers generated and delivered
  • Runs PAYE Payroll
  • Releases Payments.
Agency User:
  • Review the dashboard for any outstanding items for the week
  • Process any late timesheets till Pay & Bill process instantly.
  • Print or download reports
  • Finalise the Week
Primo Time:
  • Locks Margin figures and timesheets for the week
  • Submits RTI
  • Submits Pension data
  • Sends Emails/SMS to candidates requesting timely submission of timesheets for the next payroll.

Note: The timeline shown above is for illustration purpose only. Each agency can be configured to work on different timelines.



  • Client Records, Locations & Contacts
  • Candidate Records
  • Consultant Records
  • Branches & Departments
  • Placements/Bookings
  • Placement Rates


  • Timesheet Creation
  • Timesheet Approval
  • Client Invoicing
  • Umbrella/PSC Self-Billing
  • Umbrella/PSC Payments
  • PAYE Payroll Processing


  • Timesheet Chaser Tool
  • Dashboard for Timesheet Status & Margin
  • Notification panel to track pending activities
  • Smart Rule Validations


  • Margin Reporting
  • Sales & Purchase Reports
  • Holiday Pay Reports
  • Data Export

Consultant Portal

The consultant portal features a restricted access for your consultants that lets them manage and monitor their clients and candidates. The interface is mobile friendly and can be used from phones, iPads and tablets without compromising on the user experience.

Tracking Pending Timesheets

The central focus of the consultant portal is the timesheet tracker screen. As soon as the consultant logs in, Primo Time presents the consultant with a list of pending timesheets expected for the week.


A quick review and a click – that’s all it takes to send out personalised reminders to the candidates by email/SMS. Candidates have to just click the link on the reminder message to complete one of the following:

  • Submit hours and attach a file (or)
  • Attach a physical timesheet file (or)
  • Select a reason for not submitting a timesheet.

Candidates do not need to remember any login details and can use any mobile device or a computer to respond to the reminders.


Consultant Dashboard

The sleek consultant dashboard makes it easy for the consultants to monitor the live status of the current week’s pay & bill activities such as Timesheets received, pending, approved, billed, paid etc. In addition, consultants can track exactly how much their clients and candidates have contributed to the business over a period of time. Business information such as margin generated, gross revenue, number of timesheets, live placements etc. are accessible from a single screen with drill down facility.

Client, Candidate & Placement Records

Where permitted by the admin user, consultants can have access to their Client, Candidate & Placement records either as read-only or full access.

Activity Listing

Where permitted by the admin user, consultants can have access to the historical timesheets, sales invoices and candidate payments.

Candidate Portal

Primo Time Candidate Portal is a great tool that reduces your payroll workload significantly by giving control to your candidates. Candidates can submit timesheets, track status of the timesheets & payments, download pay advices and notify you of exception events such as sickness– without having to ever call you.

Timesheets submitted by the candidates get escalated to the clients automatically eliminating hassle of validating and approving. When the client approves or rejects the timesheet, candidate gets notified instantly.


  • Timesheet Submission
  • Absence Reporting
  • View Timesheet Status
  • View Payment Status
  • Download Pay Advice

Client Portal

Save your time and eliminate invoice disputes by letting your client approve timesheets and have access to their transactions with your business. Multiple contacts for each client can have access to the portal with each user managing their own candidates.


  • Timesheet Approval
  • Invoice Listing
  • Placements Listing
  • Dashboard to monitor cost by PO, Project & Cost Centre


Primo Time - Compliance


We have designed all Primo Time to help our users to comply with GDPR to the highest level possible. We have built tools that encourage our clients to adopt the best practices designed to eliminate the chances of data theft, leaks, and wrongful distribution of personal data that are prevalent with email exchanges, CSV exports and imports. In addition, all Accentra’s software platforms and IT infrastructure are subject to industry-standard security testing on quarterly basis. We have implemented robust policies, systems and procedures within our organisation and supply chain to ensure that your data is safe and secure all the time.


Primo Time - Auto Enrolment


At Accentra, we pioneered the automation of Auto Enrolment compliance. We were the first to implement direct API integration with pension platform and our payroll software platforms remain among very few in the market that completely removes the hassles of AE compliance tasks. Everything happens in the background as the payroll user goes about their routine payroll tasks. It’s almost as if AE legislation never existed!


Primo Time - AWR


The legislation requires that, when a contractor completes 12 qualifying weeks on an assignment, they must be treated as equal to a permanent employee. The 12 weeks do not have to be continuous. If the worker didn’t work in a week, depending on the reason, the week may or may not be included in the 12-week calculation. This is an admin headache that’s made simple by Primo Time, which prompts the candidate to specify the reason for non-working and apply it in the 12-week calculation automatically.


The most modern, comprehensive pay and bill platform for Recruitment agencies and back office providers. Try Primo Time