Recruitment agencies often bear a substantial workload in their daily operations, encompassing the intricate tasks of sourcing and recruiting candidates, overseeing contractors, and ensuring timely payments. Juggling these multifaceted responsibilities demands a strategic approach to streamline processes and optimise efficiency. This is where recruitment agency software comes into play, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by recruitment businesses. 

Developed by Accentra, Primo Time is a cutting-edge recruitment agency payroll software solution designed to revolutionise the operations of recruitment and contracting businesses. Our platform is meticulously crafted to address the intricate challenges faced by industry professionals, offering a comprehensive suite of features that smoothly integrate into their workflow. 

From candidate recruitment and contractor management to ensuring timely and accurate payments, Primo Time serves as an all-in-one solution for streamlining processes and optimising efficiency.

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Everything You Need to Know about Recruitment Agency Software 

Recruitment agency software represents a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimise, digitise and automate various aspects of the hiring process, catering to the specific needs of recruiting agencies. Encompassing Recruitment CRM, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), payroll and recruitment marketing systems, this technology offers a fundamental tool for agencies seeking to enhance efficiency. From tracking and evaluating candidates on behalf of clients to fostering communication and relationship-building throughout the hiring process, it plays a pivotal role in a recruiter’s success. In fact, a study by Capterra revealed that 75% of recruitment businesses leverage these tools to enhance the effectiveness of their hiring processes. 

Recruitment software solutions such as Primo Time facilitate a seamless journey from application to onboarding, helping to build a diverse and highly-qualified candidate pool. The benefits of these tools are also underlined by their ability to make informed decisions based on comprehensive reports and analytics. The impact is substantial, with recruitment software boasting the potential to make the hiring process up to ten times faster and more efficient.

How Recruitment Agency Software Can Benefit Businesses

With its multifaceted benefits, recruitment agency software can prove to be an invaluable asset for those navigating the challenges of the modern recruiting landscape. As a result of its comprehensive features, it is an essential tool for recruitment and contracting businesses aiming for efficiency and success in a highly competitive environment.

Positive candidate and contractor experience

Recruitment agency software plays a pivotal role in ensuring a positive candidate experience, providing streamlined application processes, automated communication, centralised candidate management and mobile-friendly access. These features contribute to a user-friendly, transparent, and efficient hiring and contractor management process, ultimately enhancing the employer brand and attracting top talent.

Streamlined hiring process

With the capability to eliminate manual work, recruitment software significantly reduces the time to hire. By streamlining workflows, the tools enable agencies to swiftly identify the best candidates for their clients, saving time and money, and ensuring access to a highly-qualified talent pool. 

In addition, the integration of payroll functionalities within the recruitment software will streamline the compensation process. This helps to ensure timely and accurate payments to contractors and contributes to a company’s overall efficiency.

Efficient and accurate data organisation

Most recruitment software comes equipped with integrated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), contractor timesheets and Recruitment CRM, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This streamlines data management and monitoring, allowing agencies to handle tasks efficiently, from managing qualified candidates to payroll, billing and sales. These tools are instrumental in organising and automating data, contributing to a more structured and efficient operational structure.

Improved communication

Effective communication is crucial in the recruitment and contractor management process. Recruitment agency software facilitates streamlined communication by syncing relevant emails and calendar events. This ensures that teams can access comprehensive information when working on a particular candidate or contractor, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Automated hiring processes

The automation capabilities of recruitment software extend from data collection to interview scheduling. AI-powered software is particularly beneficial for sourcing, screening and nurturing candidates. Integrating pay and bill automation further streamlines the compensation process, ensuring accuracy and compliance in payroll management. 

By reducing administrative work, recruitment automation allows agencies to focus on building lasting relationships with candidates, contractors and clients.


Why Choose Primo Time?

If you are currently in the market for payroll software for recruitment agencies, Primo Time is your all-encompassing pay and bill software solution. It is designed to elevate your operational efficiency and seamlessly streamline your payroll management. 

Tailored specifically for recruitment businesses, Primo Time goes beyond traditional payroll systems as it integrates robust features that span the entire recruitment lifecycle. From candidate sourcing to onboarding and payroll processing, our platform is engineered to simplify complex workflows, ensuring accurate and timely payments to contractors.

Banking integration for effortless financial operations

Primo Time stands out as a premier choice for recruitment agencies due to its seamless banking integration. The software streamlines the entire financial workflow, from tracking receipts to managing payments to Umbrella companies, PSCs and PAYE candidates—all within the intuitive Primo Time interface. This eliminates the need for your back-office team to access multiple banking platforms, as receipts are automatically downloaded, matched and posted. Payments are initiated directly from Primo Time, safeguarded by a secure authorisation process.

PAYE and auto-enrolment integration for simplified payroll

Primo Time goes beyond the capabilities of conventional payroll software by embedding the renowned Primo Payroll PAYE platform within its interface. This integration ensures that timesheets for PAYE candidates are seamlessly processed, with PAYE calculations completed automatically. There is no requirement for data export to third-party payroll systems, and auto-enrolment tasks are managed efficiently in the background, offering a hassle-free and streamlined payroll experience.

Accounting and management reporting for financial clarity

With Primo Time, financial management is a complete breeze. The embedded Primo Books system provides a seamless interface for financial ledgers, and our recruitment agency software also boasts a direct API interface with Xero’s premier accounting solution, ensuring all financial entries can be posted seamlessly. Furthermore, users can export data to various accounting systems, providing flexibility and compatibility for diverse financial reporting needs.

Multiple-agency interface for streamlined operations

Primo Time offers an elegant multiple-agency interface, making it an ideal solution for back-office service providers and agencies managing multiple entities. Users can be configured with specific permissions for each company, and the unique global dashboard allows for daily monitoring of the status of each company. This feature enhances operational efficiency and provides a centralised overview of your agency’s multifaceted operations.

Efficient Umbrella payroll management

Primo Time takes the hassle out of managing Umbrella payroll providers. If your Umbrella payroll provider utilises Primo Umbrella software, a simple click will seamlessly submit timesheets and candidates’ data directly to the provider’s system. The software will also enable direct access to the Umbrella company’s portal from Primo Time, allowing you to easily view candidates’ payroll and payment status.

Self-Servicing Umbrella platform for empowered payroll control

Primo Time offers the Self-Servicing Umbrella plug-in for agencies considering setting up their own Umbrella, automating the entire process from invoicing to accounting entries via payroll processing, contractor payments, RTI, auto-enrolment and VAT returns. This feature empowers agencies with their own Umbrella platform, giving them complete control over their payroll tasks while minimising administrative burdens—requiring only authorisation for payments.

Ensure compliance with GDPR

Primo Time prioritises GDPR compliance with tools that promote best practices to minimise the risk of data theft, leaks and improper distribution commonly associated with email exchanges, CSV exports and imports. At Accentra, we subject all of our software platforms and IT infrastructure to industry-standard security testing on a quarterly basis. We have implemented stringent policies, systems and procedures across our operations and supply chain, ensuring the continuous safety and security of our clients’ data.

Simplify Recruitment Agency Payroll with Primo Time 

Are you ready to transform your recruitment agency’s operations and effortlessly streamline your payroll management? If so, choose Primo Time for a comprehensive solution that integrates seamless banking, simplified PAYE, efficient accounting and streamlined Umbrella payroll processes. Empower your agency with a user-friendly interface and multiple-agency efficiency. 

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